Wednesday, June 30, 2010

For the love of money? (unedited)

It can't be for the love of money.

As previously noted, I'm a fan of the Bulletboys, a footnote from the hair band era that won't die. How big of a fan am I? You can revisit my BulletBoys history here: BulletBoys sing!

That entry received a comment, from the touring bass player, allegedly. That prompted more BulletBoys discussion here: BulletBoys write!

So what's the latest on a band that was once pimped as the next Van Halen? Allegedly the other three guys, the dudes not named Marq who appear in videos that can sometimes by found on Youtube, have reformed the BulletBoys, with a new lead singer.

There's just one problem with their reunion, the original lead singer, flamboyant Marq Torien, continues to tour with his version of BulletBoys, a version that somehow manages to keep on keepin' on.

That's right, a band that has seemingly no business putting on shows for the masses now has two versions, according to the once proud 80s rock website Metal Sludge.

As I noted before, Marq isn't drawing huge crowds to his headlining shows when he tours. And now the other guys, who seem to want nothing to do with Marq, have decided that there's a market for their musicianship, performing BulletBoys songs that were mildly popular 20 years ago, with a lead singer I've never heard of? Caucasian, please!

If the remaining three BulletBoys can find a way to take their show on the road, I'm sure a few people will show up, but I can't fathom how they'll make any money selling their act to fans of the genre. Somebody call Susan Powter, we have to stop this insanity.

In other BulletBoys news, I did a quick check of Marq's Myspace page for his version of the band. Surprise, surprise, he'll be back in Minnesota three weeks from tonight, in the southern Twin Cities suburb of Burnsville. The bar he'll be playing at has booked hair bands occasionally. I saw L.A. Guns at that place a few years ago. It's a lousy venue for a live show, but about the right size for a BulletBoys concert.

I said before that I'm not going to pay to see the BulletBoys again. And although it probably won't be worth the gas money, if I can somehow get a complimentary ticket, I might just make my way south in three weeks and hang out by myself, with 75 other diehards, to watch Marq prove yet again that it's time to hang it up.

Unfortunately it doesn't appear that Rob Lane will be making the trip with Marq on this tour. Too bad, I'm sure he'd put my name on the guest list.