Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Joker, joker, and a triple

1. So last night the Brewers were no-hit by Detroit. I was at a minor league baseball game in St. Paul.

I had three or four messages from Chip when I was driving home. Each one more bizarre and perplexing than the last.

The best one was where he thanked me, repeatedly, for the fact the White Sox couldn’t beat the Phillies, which would have helped his Brewers, evidently. The only conclusion I can draw is that he has already given up on the Brewers winning the NL Central and is now concerned about the wild card berth in the NL playoffs. Philadelphia, after all, is in the NL East.

Tonight he tried to argue he doesn’t rule anything out, and roots against every NL team in interleauge play. Funny, a while ago he was so high on the Brewers he was ready to crown their asses (copyright Denny Green) as NL Central champions.

He has lost his mind. He’s a sick man. And he’s coming to Minnesota on Friday.

2. It’s amazing how quick and easy 20 miles of relatively flat bicycling is a few days after a 147-mile weekend.

3. I have been trying to work at home each morning this week so I can keep an eye on the final episodes of The Price is Right. Bob’s final show airs Friday. Today Bob lost track of how many games they had played. I’m very glad he’s retiring. He has missed a step far too many times in recent years.

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Dinesh Ramde said...

So how are you holding up without Robert Barker?