Monday, March 17, 2008

Where does the time go? (unedited)

It wasn't long ago I was adjusting to the idea of commuting much more than I cared for on a daily basis, not having a home computer at night and relying on the library for occasional weekend checks of my e-mail. It has been more than two months already.

I tired of the cameos at the library within a couple of weeks, instead relying primarily upon my work computer for periodic access to e-mail, my bank account, et al. It wasn't that bad. If I needed to access a website for my job on a regular basis, perhaps life would have been difficult. If my social life revolved around online poker, perhaps life would have been unbearable. But for me life without home internet access has been easy to adjust to.

I had planned to move to a new apartment in April, but for multiple reasons I think I'm going to delay that by one month. By the first weekend in May, however, it's back to some craphole apartment with annoying neighbors. All my living arrangements have been relatively small, one way or another. I've never lived in a big building with the unwashed masses, perhaps I'll avoid that fate again.

So I may not have the privilege of blogging when the mood strikes me until May, and that's fine. I know I would have written a dozen blogs in the past two months had my situation been different, but that's life. Besides, too much of it would have been introspective, and that's boring. There's a value to putting my thoughts into words and being able to see them later, but that's not the sole purpose of this blog, although it seems like it as of late.

Although next time I sit down at this blog I'll probably provide introspective content. I hope to, anyway. I'd like to blog about the things I've learned about life since fire forced me from my apartment in early January. I have learned a lot, not all because of the fire.

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