Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If Joe Mauer is gay, a lot of people care (unedited)

A comment I received from Facebook nation last week when I posed the "is Joe Mauer gay" question: who cares, and does it matter.

No, it doesn't matter, that is very true, but a lot of people care.

Every young woman who is in love with Mauer cares if he is gay. If he's gay, the fantasy of marrying Mauer goes up in smoke.

Every young, gay athlete cares if Mauer is gay. Name a prominent athlete who is gay. News flash, you can't. There's still a major stigma associated with gay men and professional athletics. To the best of my knowledge, every gay athlete keeps his personal life private until the end of his career. If Mauer is gay, and you say it doesn't matter, are you saying that gay men (or women) in certain professions should endure the social stigma of homosexuality?

As I think I noted before, every Twins fan cares if Mauer is gay. If there's a story about Mauer's personal life available online, people will read it. Who cares if he is gay? The same people who care about his personal life if it turns out he's dating Lindsay Lohan. When word gets out that Mauer is gay, everybody will track down the story online, which is ironic since Mauer's personal life is a "who cares" subject.

I have no reason to suspect Joe Mauer is gay, but I learned a lot about society by wondering if he is.

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