Sunday, January 6, 2008

End of an era: follow up (unedited)

I received an unexpected anonymous comment on Saturday in response to my most recent blog, about the loss of my favorite blog and the possibility that at some point my blog may end as well:

“Keep writing. People are reading.”

I have no idea how many people, if any, read my blog. I don’t use any sort of device to track how many people visit my blog. And it’s not important for me to know.

I appreciate any feedback I get on my blogs, should somebody find them, but I don’t promote them. I don’t post a lot of comments under the Fonzie monicker, so the opportunities for people to find me are limited, and that’s fine. Some people write a blog for the purpose of reaching an audience, but that wasn’t my goal when I started the blog. It’s still not.

My blog isn’t meant to be a personal memoir, but at times I write about my thoughts and feelings. I try to write things that I wouldn’t be ashamed to have my mother read.

I resist the urge to rant about how lousy my employer is. I have done it a bit, anonymously, and I doubt I’ll start naming names when I finally walk out of there for the last time, but I know I’ll blog a bit about how ridiculous my company is.

I’m not sure when, or if, I’ll share my blog with my friends. I’ve only shared knowledge of it with one friend thus far, although there’s no reason why I shouldn’t share it with others.

As I noted, I have mixed feelings about my blogs, and the purpose of them varies from time to time. Sometimes I blog about bicycling mileage simply as a reminder, and inspiration, to myself as I push myself toward various goals. I do appreciate having chronicled about a few of my bicycle adventures, as I know I’ll want to remember the details vividly in the years to come, as silly as that sounds.

The bottom line is that I enjoy putting a variety of thoughts into words and being able to look back at them now and then. If things in my life change and I have to abandon the jukebox, so be it. I do it for myself, and nobody else.

But anyone is welcome to peruse and comment on my misadventures, it is appreciated, and surprising when it happens.

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Good Luck.