Thursday, January 3, 2008

End of an era

All good things come to an end, and I shouldn’t have been surprised by the announcement.

The inspiration for my blog – the reason I decided to take a crack at putting thoughts into words – is history.

There are no more thoughts from the D Nation, the fictional place my good friend D Cup posted his thoughts. He wrote far more thoughtful blogs about far more meaningful topics than I tend to write about. But he also wrote about his misadventures, and they were equally as entertaining.

For reasons I don’t know, he closed up shop last month. Part of the problem is that he wasn’t able to blog about politics or anything related to his work as a reporter for the Associated Press, and that took some wind out of his sails.

But he was able to continue blogging about his travels and his chance encounters with a colorful cast of characters. Those tales will no longer be told.

That’s disappointing, but life is full of disappointment. People disappoint us on a regular basis. Sometimes they intend to disappoint us, sometimes they have no control over it, sometimes they don’t realize they’re doing it. But life is all about overcoming disappointment, great and small, and moving on.

Sometimes it isn’t easy to overcome, but basking in your disappointment only makes things worse. If only there was a pill....but that can be said about so many things in life.

I never set out to blog for the masses, to entertain a group of random strangers who would fawn all over me, or for my friends and family, and thus far I don't. I never set a goal or mission when I created what continues to be an anonymous blog. I still don’t know what direction my writing will take, or if it will end. Part of me wants to break from my past, so sometimes it seems that blogging is counter-intuitive to how I want to live my life.

Perhaps I’ll have a better picture of where this blog, and my life, is going on Sunday. That’s an important blogging day.

But I don’t think my blog is going away, although there’s a distinct possibility it could.

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Anonymous said...

Keep writing. People are reading.