Friday, April 17, 2009

7. The week that was (unedited)

I made it through my first week of blogging. I've managed to avoid writing the long-delayed final chapter of my trip to Mexico, but I honored the Dancing Queen, which is something I wanted to do.

Thanks to Bob Barker's cameo on The Price is Right I was finally inspired to write about Bob's fraudulent "best of" DVD collection, something that has been on my mind for about a month. I may not have done the best job of making my point, and I shouldn't have tackled the topic in the wee hours of Thursday night, but that water is under the bridge.

I certainly didn't expect to end up writing about the loss of a friendship for two consecutive days, or how meaningless my life is, and how I plan to die trying to find a meaning to it, but life isn't all hearts and flowers. I wish it was, but it's not.

I had hoped to go to the bar with Doug and catch up on life, but that didn't happen tonight, and that's fine. I am tired, I had a busy week at the newspaper. That's not a bad thing, but my satisfaction because of it is tempered by the fact I work in a dying industry. Oh well.

I went to my first game at the Big Inflatable Toilet on Wednesday night, and watched the Twins get destroyed by Toronto, 12-2. And I didn't get sick off of the $1 hot dogs.

It was a good week.

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