Saturday, July 28, 2007

Slow and steady wins the race

I am writing a novel, not a blog, about "\to catch_a predator." I'm not sure why, but now that I have started traveling down that long and winding road, it has become a personal challenge to finish it.

I had to take a night off, so Friday night was it. And I'm not exactly breaking my back tonight, but here are a few random nuggets from my world.

• I think today's bike ride was the ride that put me over the 1,000-mile mark. For the month I'm probably not going to break my July record of 670 miles, in part because I didn't get to go up north this weekend, the second time I was shut out this month. My friends are happy to have me, but family trumps the Fonz, and the Fonz was trumped again this weekend. I'm behind last year's pace, but if I ever get to spend a few days up north I could easily log big mileage over a four-day stay.

• The Brewers had an early 6-0 lead in the matinee game today and lost 7-6. Chip was livid. He claims he is done with the team and that it doesn't deserve a playoff spot. He's predicting the Cardinals will magically turn their lackluster season around and win the division, not the Cubs. His rationale? They're the Cubs, they'll implode. Funny, I think the Cubs have been to the postseason four times since the Brewers last tasted October baseball in 1982, but they're the Cubs, so somehow they can't win the division in Chip's twisted world. The man is mentally ill, I have no doubt.

• I am scheduled to make an appearance in Stinktown Sept. 14-16, including a Brewers game on Friday, Sept. 14. Will the Cardinals lead the division by then? It doesn't matter where the Cubs are, of course.

• I think I'm going to a demolition derby on Sunday evening.

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