Sunday, July 15, 2007

Two nuggets

Weekend bicycling totals:
Friday: 33 miles
Saturday: 46 miles
Sunday: 37 miles
Weekend total: 116 miles
Last weekend's total: 122 miles

And while it has been rather windy the past week, it hasn't been nearly as hot as it was last weekend, so this weekend's total should have been higher, not lower, than last weekend's performance.

Chip, Rush and I made a new set of Brewer predictions. They're remarkably similar to the May predictions. This set comprises 19 games, from the All-Star Game break to the end of the month. We predicted the same number of wins, but one less loss since there's one less game than when we demonstrated our baseball genius in May.

Chip: 14-5
Fonz: 12-7
Rush: 9-10

So far the Brewers are 2-1.

1 comment:

Dinesh Ramde said...

Nice job with the biking. It's almost enough to inspire me to get off my big butt and get some exercise myself.

By the way, the Bosox gave your boys the win yesterday. Dice-K walking the bases loaded with no outs? That should never happen.