Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Day of rest

I'm done with the fair, so it's time to go back to my normal life, thankfully. Perhaps there will be more to come about the fair this week.

For now, a T-shirt wrap up:

day 8: I stopped making notes about my favorite T-shirts, so I forgot one that I found to be clever. Perhaps then it wasn't as memorable as I thought. I wish I had jotted it down.

One dude was memorable for being one of those classless idiots I despise. I have no idea what it said on the front of his shirt, but on the back it said, in big letters, "Can you hear me now a$$h*le?"

The other memorable shirt was a dude with some cheesy illustration of a character that was supposed to be a pimp. The guy wearing the shirt looked like your typical white trash slacker, shockingly! His shirt had this big green illustration of some character dressed like a pimp with cash around him. The thing that made me laugh is that the shirt had accents, like beads or something, to represent the "bling" in the illustration. The dude bought a beaded T-shirt that probably cost him $30 or more because it had a cool pimp illustration. What a goof.

Consolation prize goes to the dude with the heavily beaded shirt. It wasn't quite as ridiculous as the pimp shirt, even though it had more beads.

The image was entirely of beads or some sort of shiny stone and they formed what looked to be the profile of a skull wearing a Native American headdress. If it wasn't supposed to be a skull, then I was fooled by it. It was bizarre, yet not as ridiculous as the pimp shirt.

day 9: I didn't seem anything memorable, and if I did, it was forgotten because I didn't take notes.

day 10: Two memorable shirts for my final day. One was a dude with a silly message that said something like "If you are taking the time to read the message on my shirt, you're a loser." I don't remember how it was worded, but that was the gist of it.

My favorite shirt of my final day was a dude, probably in his early 20s, who wore a Minnesota Lynx fan appreciation shirt from August 2001. In Minnesota the WNBA is a failure, and here's a dude wearing a fan appreciation shirt from six years ago. It's that sense of humor I appreciate most.


Dinesh Ramde said...

Nice -- what a cool way to make what might have been a tedious assignment interesting.

I've seen places that sell shirts like that, and I've always wondered who buys them. Even if the message is funny for half a second, why would you buy it, and where would you wear it?

Like there's a store here with a shirt in the window that says, "Whack our wieners" and there's a picture of the Brewers Racing Sausages. And others that say "Drink 'till she's cute" or some such variation.

I always figured the only place you could wear crap like that is at a frat party or at a tailgate party. I guess I'll have to add state fairs to that list.

Anyway, these made for quite the amusing posts. By the way, I hope you weren't offended at my link to "bikers are a bore" -- like I said, it just made me think of you. Plus, if you can make fun of my drag-queen experiences, I can give it back.

Personally I like the updates. I always think it's interesting to learn the limits of human endurance, and not just by the freaks who do marathons every other week or three triathlons a year, but the normal people I can relate to.

... Then again, I'm not sure a 30-something single white guy whose life revolves around "Price is Right" can be considered normal...

Anyway, keep it up, and you're right, when you look back on these posts 20 years from now, you'll be glad you have them to look back on.

Tequila Mockingbird said...

the most disturbing shirt i saw at the fair was a play on that show "are you smarter than a fifth grader" and it was worn by a guy sporting a greasy mullet (that was a shocker) and it said "are you tighter than a 5th grader" CLASSY!

Arthur Fonzarelli said...

first off, thanks for your comment TM, i'm not sure how you found me, since i have done little to promote this blog to the world, but it's always flattering to learn somebody you don't know has taken the time to read something i have written.

we had a t-shirt discussion at the office today, and none of us are too fond of the statement t-shirt, particularly if it is meant to be funny or clever. i guess some of my t-shirts do make a statement, like the lime green and bright orange t-shirts i occasionally wear, promoting bike rides i have participated in.

but what makes a person decide to wear a t-shirt announcing he or she is a sexual pervert and/or deviant?

"hey, i want to impress the ladies with my insatiable libido, perhaps this shirt asking if she is tighter than a fifth-grader is my ticket to paradise!"