Wednesday, September 19, 2007

When you can't come up with a fresh, new and exciting idea, it's better to cut your losses

There are several things I would like to sit down and write about, but instead let’s play “Jeopardy!”

Miller Park for $200
Following my third tour of Stinktown’s Lakefront Brewery, it was the final score of Friday night’s Brewers/Cincinnati Reds game that Stinktown lost on Robin Yount bobblehead night at Miller Park.

What is 6-5 Cincinnati?

U.S. Cellular Field for $200
After a cameo at the Bay View Bash, it was the final score of Saturday night’s White Sox/Anaheim Angels game that Chicago lost at the former Comiskey Park.

What is 2-1 Angels?

U.S. Cellular Field for $400
The going rate for parking several blocks from the ballpark.

What is $20?

U.S. Cellular Field for $600
The cost of a leftover 2005 World Series championship shirt (XL) at my favorite team’s stadium.

What is $5?

Headwaters 100 for $200
The annual Headwaters 100 bike ride I will participate in on Saturday begins and ends in this U.S. city.

What is Park Rapids, Minn.?

Good ideas that don’t pan out for $200
A failed attempt at random recaps from the Fonz’s life.

What is this blog?

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