Friday, January 16, 2009

Blog early, blog often

I'm going to blog several times this weekend. Sometimes it'll be a quick five-minute post, other times I might put a little effort into my output. I have a million things going on this weekend, although nothing that would make anyone jealous, obviously, as I'm sitting here blogging on a Friday night.

This time last Friday I was in Birmingham, Ala., watching TV in a motel room. I had just eaten at a Sonic drive-in for my first time and I was looking forward to 3-1/2 days of mild weather in Gulf Shores, Ala. Next Friday I'll be in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. So I can live with the fact that I'm busy taking care of lots of crap in my apartment tonight and not running around freezing my ass off.

So what is the first topic of my weekend of blogs? Farewell, Jilf.

Jilf is the divorcee who sits near me at the office. She is a nice person, but a little too full of personality for her own good. She's a serial dater, and borderline psychotic.

Through a conversation she had with a co-worker this afternoon I learned that Jilf is leaving my prestigious media organization. I'm not sure when her last day is, but knowing I won't hear her laughing at her lame wisecracks much longer is all I need to brighten my day.

She's a cowgirl, and through the fine folks at she met her latest boyfriend. I haven't heard her reference a boyfriend prior to today, and I'd bet she was single two months ago. But I guess when you find your soul mate...

She was telling another co-worker that she's going to work for this guy in some capacity. At least that's what it sounds like. Her new job is somehow related to her new boyfriend, who is a cowboy, evidently. He's not your typical guy, Jilf claimed. I'm not sure what that means, but if he wants to roll in the hay with Jilf regularly, and is willing to have periodic conversations with her as well, then he can't be the typical guy, because even the losers on would struggle with her overbearing personality, I'm sure.

Maybe she's like Roast Beef's childhood buddy. Mark was a complete ass clown around his buddies, all the time. Yet despite that he found a woman who could tolerate him enough to marry him. According to Beef, Mark dials down the ass clown in his personality when he's with a woman. Perhaps Jilf is like Mark, perhaps she's tolerable in a one-on-one setting outside of the office. I wouldn't bet $5 on it, but stranger things have happened.

So Jilf is leaving for some job tied to Mr. Wonderful the cowboy, and I couldn't be happier for her. My only fear is that one of the sales skanks takes over her territory and brings a whole new world of psychosis into my corner of the world. Considering I put up with Jiggly prior to Jilf, I'm pretty sure I can handle whatever comes my way next.

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