Sunday, January 18, 2009

Put your hands together

I have seen this more than once, and it puzzles me.

The scenario: a player is injured on the field of play during a football game and requires medical attention, as happened tonight during the final minutes of the Pittsburgh Steelers/Baltimore Ravens game. The injured player requires several minutes of on-field medical attention before being moved onto a stretcher and lifted onto the back of a cart or into an ambulance.

And as they load the guy in the meat wagon, people clap.

Why the hell does that make sense?

When an injured player finally gets up and limps off the field, people are relieved and want to acknowledge the dude's toughness, or something like that. I get that.

But when a dude is so badly injured that he can't leave the field under his own power, people think that's worth clapping for?

The only logical conclusion I can draw is that the rubes in the stands are happy the dude is being carted off, finally, so play can resume.

Applauding the paralyzed player being chauffeured off the field: yet another example that people are idiots.

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