Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy trails (unedited)

In an anti-climatic turn of events, Jilf is gone, forever. Unlike a few of the dearly departed sales skanks, I'm doubting I'll ever cross paths with Jilf again.

Jilf was a borderline-psychotic display sales representative for my prestigious news organization. She announced recently that she was leaving. I was very happy for her, mostly because it meant that I wouldn't be subjected to her on a daily basis. She's a nice person, but also several cards short of a full deck.

Sometimes the departure of an ad rep is rather sudden. If the company doesn't think you're cutting it, or thinks you're doing something improper, it's a quick hook. When ad reps announce they're leaving, however, there are times that they stick around for a week or two. Sometimes the company kicks 'em out the door immediately, to prevent them from cultivating their current business contacts into new business contacts, I think. Although our ad reps have non-compete clauses of some sort that they have to sign to work for our evil empire, so who knows why they do what they do.

I'm unclear how long Jilf stuck around. She was still in the office last week before I left for Mexico, and it looked like she had stuff at her desk on Monday. But this afternoon I noticed that all evidence that she sat at her desk was now gone, meaning I've seen the last of her.

But I would pay money to sit down with her in 10 years and find out how her life has turned out. I'm sure it would make for a damn good story.

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