Monday, August 6, 2007

Extra points

My six-hour city council managed to knock off most of tonight's business in 60 minutes, and I was shocked! But there was a bonus meeting taking place in the neighboring community, so I made a cameo there and it turned into a 3 hour, 20 minute night. I had to kill an hour or so before the bonus council got to the good stuff, but I brought my puzzle book in preparation for down time wherever I ended up.

I am so frustrated at my half-assed newspaper right now. I have to figure out something fresh, new and exciting to do with my life this fall.

Since I banked on a long evening at city council on Monday night I bailed out mid-afternoon and went home to bicycle. Tuesday morning I hope to bike to the I-35W bridge, even if I won’t get a great view of it. I would like to see the magnitude of the disaster once.

For the record, when Rush, Chip and I made our July Brewers predictions – from the All-Star Game through the end of the month – the Brewers went 9-10, which Rush predicted. Chip fooled himself into believing his squad would win 14, I gave Stinktown credit for 12.

Some night I’m going to sit down for an hour to write a real blog. Now I know what D Cup went through before the rug was pulled out from under him.

Thursday night I’m going to the horse track with my friends. I won’t be wagering much, but it’ll be fun, nonetheless. Friday I hope to finally make it up north for a three- or four-day weekend. Here’s hoping I get the chance to bike a century this weekend.

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