Monday, August 6, 2007

Three and out

Weekend bicycling totals:
Friday: 16 miles
Saturday: 67 miles
Sunday: 21.5 miles (laziness)
Weekend total: 104.5 miles
Last weekend's total: very lackluster

I hit the road several nights in a row last week, only taking Thursday off. I intended to take Friday off, but I ended up working late on Thursday to write a bridge story we didn't post on our website. Had I know it would be held for print only, I would have went home and biked. We posted anything bridge related on the website Thursday, but not my story. I'm unclear as to why that is, but the story, as lame as it is, may end up on the front page of several papers this week because of the photo that goes with it. It's a good photo for an interior page, but not for a front page.

I decided I would go out for an hour on Friday evening just to make up for Thursday night. I didn't have to take it easy, but I did. Saturday was the Tour de Tonka, an organized bike ride I planned to do if I was in town. When I determined that I wasn't going to Stinktown on Aug. 4, I registered for TdT. It's a well organized ride, too bad we were rained on most of the time.

I should have biked more on Sunday, but I was feeling a bit lazy.

My total for the year has now topped 1,200 miles. I have a long way to go.

I need to force myself to finish the "\to catch_a predator" blog. I also need to remind myself I don't need to write a novel about it. As if that will stop me.

And finally, here are a few of my plans for the coming months. (Some are tentative.)

Weekend of Aug. 11: Perhaps I'll finally get to go up north for an extended weekend with my friends, and bike my ass off.

Saturday, Aug. 18: Sixth annual sandbar camping trip with Swamp and Doug. (JayHawk may be there, too.)

Aug. 23-Sept. 3: I may be working at the Minnesota State Fair. I hope to, even though I'll get almost no bicycling in during that period.

Sept. 8: Fall camping trip in Wausau.

Sept. 14-16: Trip to Stinktown.

Sept. 22: Headwaters 100 bike ride in Park Rapids, Minn.

Oct. 5: First of eight nights working my Halloween job.

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