Tuesday, August 21, 2007

You can't rain on my parade!

Things continue to amuse me at the office. It’s run by stooges, I think.

Our classified ad manager was shipped off to one of our outlying groups a few weeks ago for a promotion. It seemed like an odd promotion, but most things we do have little rhyme or reason. So barely a week after we cut a cake to congratulate her/send her off, I saw her around the mother ship. I didn’t think that much of it at the time.

But in the couple of weeks since her first cameo, I noticed she was spending a lot of time at our office, and in the past week, I saw her working the phones, just as she use to do as the classified ad manager. Today I asked one of the ad reps what her deal was, and sure enough, she’s our ad manager, again. She was farmed out to one of our other holdings for all of one week before she was ordered back to do her same job. What geniuses we have running the company!

We were sent an e-mail today, notifying us that our human resources director is leaving at the end of September to spend an undetermined amount of time in Africa with her son, working as a missionary. I wonder why she decided this was the year for a sojourn to Africa at the expense of a job she has held for more than 10 years?

I’ve wondered how this woman has tolerated doing the dirty work of our company (such as telling people they’re laid off) when the honchos have decided to screw over anyone and everyone in recent years. And shockingly the announcement said that her replacement would be working out of the corporate headquarters in Texas. So that leaves me with two questions:

1. Who will do the dirty work in Minnesota the next time it is needed?

2. Will this make it easier for the honchos to screw us over when there’s no human resources person in Minnesota to face the music?

The short answer to question 2 is “yes.” The honchos have no shame as it is, but this won’t make it any more difficult for them to piss on the employees.

In the meantime I continue to root for our stock price to remain in the tank. The honchos are sure to gut the operation further if the stock continues to stink up the joint, but I like to know that they’re sweating it out every day. They can’t demoralize me any further at this point, now I just laugh and hope they sweat their asses off.

That’s what I hoped for when I graduated from college, rooting against my employer. What a country!


Dinesh Ramde said...

Dude, it must be frustrating to have to face that environment every day. It must be tough to do your best work for your employers when you feel they couldn't give a rat's *ss about you. Are you looking elsewhere?

To (2), I might have thought it would make it harder for them to screw you over because they no longer have a buffer. Someone has to be the bad guy now and send out those e-mails, and even though you say the honchos have no shame, at least now they have to do their own dirty work.

I was going to talk some Bosox-Chisox smack, but it doesn't feel appropriate anymore. So at least there's one benefit to working for that outfit...

Dinesh Ramde said...

By the way, too bad your Aromatic-town trip is Sept. 14-16. I'll be in California that week -- otherwise I would have suggested we meet up for a drink or three.

I guess I'll wait until you guys have another bridge collapse and the Minnesota bureau calls in reinforcements...