Thursday, May 31, 2007

Quick hits from the jukebox

A few quick thoughts before I call it a night:

I biked a quick 21.5 miles before sunset tonight. I’m way behind last year at this point, but I hope to better my monthly totals from last summer. I think my June through August total last summer was a little more than 1,570 miles. I'd better knock off 2,000 this summer, at minimum.

My eyes hurt. Each year I have an allergy that manifests itself around June 1 for a week or three. I haven’t had a problem until tonight. My eyes have never been so sore and swollen as they were this evening. I’m not sure why this year is so much worse than others in recent memory.

The Brewers went 6-14 in their past 20. We all overestimated their ability, evidently. There likely would have been a “super show” tonight, (a conference call of Chip, Rush and me,) but there was a death in Chip’s family last weekend and he’s readying for his return home for the funeral. The super show will be held sometime next week. It’s time for Chip to face the music, and Rush’s wrath.

I went to Wednesday’s White Sox matinee at the big inflatable toilet and got to see my squad blow a 6-1 lead. Mark Buehrle threw a two-hitter on Thursday evening, but gave up two solo home runs and lost the game 2-0. It’s a frustrating time for the Fonz.

My friends leave for California on Saturday morning...bright and early. (Before sunrise, I think.) They are spending the night in the Twin Cities on Friday, so I will see them after work. (This is German Bear’s family I speak of.) Their son needs surgery, again, for a brain tumor. It is scheduled for July 2. I am not happy. At least they can follow through with their vacation plans.

I would like to spend the weekend of July 20-22 in Fond du Lac County, (that’s in Wisconsin,) but I’m not sure I can justify the cost.

Tesla has a new CD available next week. I’m pre-ordering it this weekend from Best Buy. The band may hail from the hair band era, but they’re better than that.

I am anxious to blog about my five 100-mile bike rides. I hope to do that this weekend.

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