Monday, May 21, 2007

Short and sweet

Tonight’s blog will be short and sweet, like my next girlfriend.

Like my good friend D Cup, I’m going to prioritize my blogging points in the near future. I bounce around from blogging about what’s stuck in my craw to blogging about topics I have been inspired by, most of those thanks to Dinesh’s comments. I’m going to attempt to create a method for my madness, but don’t hold your breath. (I won’t worry about said method, however, until after this weekend's camping trip.)

A few of my future blog topics: the purpose of my blog, the five days I have biked 100 miles or more, the history of my Wausau camping trip, my thoughts on the future of community newspapers and my favorite Spice Girl. (OK, the last one was a joke, but I own two Spice Girls CD singles, and definitely have three favorite Spice Girls songs. My favorite is “Stop.”)

I donated blood today. It was my second time this year. I’m A-positive, which isn’t particularly special, but I’m not particularly special, either. The bottom line is that they don’t turn me away when I offer a pint or two of Fonzie. But they always stop at one pint.

I rarely bike on Mondays, so today was a good day to donate blood. But I hope to log a few miles on Tuesday. I have to work Tuesday night, however, so we’ll see what happens.

The Brewers and White Sox won on Monday night, and the Twins lost. Not a bad night, but the Stinktown Indians won again. There’s a bit of a parallel between Stinktown’s Indians and Brewers, I have noticed, since 2005. Both teams showed promise in 2005, only to falter. The Indians, however, made quite a run at the White Sox. Both teams had lackluster seasons in 2006, basically from start to finish. Now both teams are flying out of the gates after a lost season last year, although the Indians have a lot more competition in their division.

Chip and I have joked that the Twins/Brewers weekend at the big inflatable toilet is “World Series preview weekend.” We’re starting to question if an interleague series between the Indians and Brewers is more deserving of that billing.

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