Monday, May 14, 2007

Random thoughts

Today we were told what we all knew, three positions were cut from the editorial department simply because we're not raking in boatloads of cash lately. We're not on the verge of bankruptcy, but we're not getting fatter than we got last year, and contrary to popular belief, gluttony is not a sin.

This story goes a lot deeper than Friday's debacle, and I'd like to chronicle a lot of it, but it's not that fascinating. What I have learned first and foremost is that while newspapers, particularly at the community level, were once considered to be community assets, they're more often than not an investment for people who couldn't care less about community service. You don't invest millions of dollars into a conglomerate for the sake of community service. That seems obvious, but I needed to experience it firsthand to really know our role. It's time for me to think like a rich white guy.

D Lete asked about my geocaching adventures...another good story or two, and proof that I'm a jerk. Perhaps one day I will chronicle the pros and cons of being a techno-geek.

I'm adding a new link tonight...a blog. The writer, also a sports talk radio guy, provided some of the inspiration for comments/ideas I shared in response to D Bunk. Yeah, I steal a little bit, but it's not as if I'm a public figure...or am I?

The Brewers are 1-3 since departing it time to wave the white flag?

I still have to come up with a handle for my Stinktown buddy and my co-worker, as I'm sure I'll blog about them regularly. My co-worker, a rabid Twins fan, guaranteed the Twins would win at least two games in Stinktown this weekend.

I'm Catholic, at least on paper, is it wrong that I have a fascination with Jewish women? I couldn't be less religious these days. I'm not atheist, I just don't thump bibles.

Bob Barker has been sued by several women in the last 15 years....shocking?

Yeah, I still have to blog about the fact I'm a game show geek. Don't get me started down that road.

Time for bed.

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Dinesh Ramde said...

I think I could take a lesson for you -- keep random thoughts into quick bites that don't take forever to read.

You're a fascinating person...