Sunday, May 20, 2007

Way to go Fonzie

I'm not going to chart my daily progress here, but occasionally I'll have to celebrate bicycling milestones, if nothing else than to give me something to blog about besides game shows. (At the moment I'm watching an episode of Blackout, a short-lived game show that aired on CBS in early 1988. It was lame, so I'm not surprised it tanked in a hurry. It was hosted by a pre-Entertainment Tonight Bob Goen, who had a great '80s mustache.)

Today wasn't a bicycling milestone, I'm not close to what I'd consider my first milestone for the season, but I'm trying to get out regularly at this point since I'll be bicycling 150 miles in the fight against MS on June 9 and 10. Today I biked 35.5 miles. It wasn't at the best clip I have ever recorded, but it's early in the season, so I can let that slide. It's the longest ride I've done so far this season, yet only half of what I'll be doing each day of the MS150.

The Brewers salvaged a win, and Rush was quick to point out during tonight's conference call that the Twins should never have been leading in that game with Ramon Ortiz on the mound for the God Squad. The Brewers are struggling, but their division is full of cupcakes, so they should be OK, Rush acknowledged. The Brewers are 3-7 since we made our 20-game predictions. I need them to go 9-1 in the next 10 games for my 12-8 prediction to hold up. Chip has already been served his reality check. Rush doubts the Brewers will even reach the 9-11 mark he predicted.

While I'm still pondering my online existence, I thought of something I am passionate about, although I'm not sure when it would be appropriate to blog about it: I don't vote in the presidential elections, primary or general election.

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Dinesh Ramde said...

I envy cyclists. I need to do something about my spare tire but I'm getting too old to run or play hoops. I'm told cycling and swimming are great nonimpact aerobic activities but I can't sustain any effort with them.

When you get around the 3-mile mark, don't you find yourself thinking, "Man, I'm tired. ... I'm still tired. .... Still tired ... " At least when you're playing hoops your mind isn't on how tired you are because there's a scoreboard, there's an opponent in front of you to motivate you, etc.

You can just throw around items such as that you biked 35 miles, and you're so casual about it. And I just think to myself, how the hell does anyone bike that far? Heck, it takes long enough to drive 35 miles -- and you're biking it?

Good for you, Fonz. And to be doing it for MS -- you go, girl. :)