Sunday, May 3, 2009

22. I missed 'em both (unedited)

There were two horses left last night when I got my chance to pick a horse. I picked a random number to select one of the two horses left. I had a chance to keep it, or to trade it for the remaining horse. Both were 50-1 in the morning line.

I traded the horse I picked for the remaining horse, Flying Private, because Flying Private was trained by reknowned trainer D. Wayne Lukas. The horse I gave up? Yep, Mine That Bird, the horse that won the derby.

I didn't lose out on much, just a Kentucky Derby prize package, such as a hat, T-shirt, etc., but it's amazing to know that I nearly won. That would have been a great story to tell had I won. Damn!

Of course I did win Queensryche tickets for Saturday night. Unfortunately the concert, planned in three sets over 2-1/2 hours, was to be done by 10 p.m. so the Myth Nightclub could have a disco dance party countdown spectacular for three hours. Since I was committed to going to the fundraiser, it didn't seem realistic to think I could get bail out after eating and make it to Myth with any significant time left. Doug may have went solo to take advantage of my free tickets, tickets Monica also won and couldn't use, but I couldn't make it.

Instead I sat through a prize raffle for which I bought five tickets. I walked away with nothing.

Somehow my luck ran out today. Damn!

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