Sunday, May 10, 2009

27. 37 blogs in 40 nights

I did it yet again. Ever since I forgot to blog, I am on an every-other-day completion rate. So if I was to write 40, it'd take me at least 43 nights. And given I'd miss a couple of nights due to being out of town, (which wouldn't count against me, per my rules,) it would technically take me at least 45 nights to get to 40.

Since I make the rules, here's the new plan. I won't get to 40 blogs in 40 nights, but when I hit what will be night 40, this experiment ends at whatever total I am at. At best I'll write 37 blogs in the 40-night span. But if recent performance is indicative of future results, I'm not going to get past 32. We'll see.

A lackluster weekend has come and gone. There are going to be a lot of them this summer. I wish my life was a thrill-a-minute plane ride, but it's not. Now more than ever.

But rather than dwell on the excitement that is not forthcoming, let me say thanks to my mother. She has worked hard to make ends meet for her children as we were growing up, sacrificed some things along the way and got far more than she ever bargained for when she married my father 40 years ago. Most people don't think about what their life will be like if they don't grow old with the person they marry, and my mom may very well have opted for a different route if she could have known how the chips would fall. But despite all the challenges life threw at her, she persevered, and is a far better person than I will ever be.

Today was a day to honor mothers. My family did that, but in doing so I was reminded of how fortunate I am. It's too bad I'm too lazy to count my blessings.

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