Wednesday, May 20, 2009

36. 36 posts in 40 nights (unedited)

I made 90 percent of the goal, and that ain't bad when it comes to blogging.

I struggled for ideas at times, I failed to write about the one topic I had been avoiding when I started 40 nights ago and my final week wound up chronicling the aftermath of a disappointing week that wasn't my fault.

I found inspiration in unlikely places, chronicled silly moments in my life that may otherwise never have found themselves in print and wrote too many personal reflections. Such is life.

Thursday night I'm going to be busy preparing for my Friday morning's the 20th annual spring camping extravaganza. Unless I witness something amazing, tomorrow is the first of at least three nights off.

I'm not sure to make a habit of forcibly writing blogs one night after another, but there was some value to doing so, and perhaps I will try this experiment again. Just not any time soon.

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