Tuesday, May 12, 2009

29. (unedited)

Sometimes you sit in front of a blog page, and nothing comes to mind.

Sure, I never wrote about my walk up and down the beach while on vacation in Mexico, but that will take 30 minutes to write, and I'm not inspired tonight.

There were no surprise announcements today that a friend is getting divorced. There was no axing of talent at my once-proud newspaper conglomerate. There was no nifty prize waiting in my mailbox from a local radio station.

Today was a very boring, average day. OK, it was a bit windy, way too windy for me to entertain the idea bicycling before a city council meeting. I have biked under lousy conditions, but it's too early in the season for me to be attempting such a ride today. I don't have the leg strength yet. I hate the early-season rides. They're so painful, and humbling.

Oh, there was a memorable moment today. I said to a co-worker, jokingly, not to let his Parkinson's Disease affect his ability to hold a camera steady while shooting video. Turns out he has Parkinson's Disease. I had no idea.

I don't feel embarrassed about making the quip. The guy doesn't exhibit any signs that he might have Parkinson's Disease, so it wasn't like I was picking on an obvious physical flaw. But I felt bad because I just learned that one of my co-workers has early signs of a debilitating disease for which there is no cure. There is a guy in my company that I'd argue deserves it, but Charlie isn't him.

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