Monday, May 4, 2009

23. I love a good scam (unedited)

Rush likes to call any deal I take advantage of a "scam."

If I use a coupon to get a free lunch, or take advantage of those goofy Walgreen's deals, it's a scam, according to Mr. Big Spender.

I went to the grocery store Sunday night. I noticed that there were instant "save $1 now" coupons on 24-packs of Pepsi products. I wasn't buying those, but that didn't stop me from peeling about 15 of the coupons off various packages. Rush and I had a discussion about this practice last summer. He mocks me for it.

I can't hold it against him. It is kind of lame. I spent five minutes discreetly peeling coupons off of packages, all for future use. In theory, the coupons are for use by those purchasing the product that day, but last I checked, I'm not committing any crime by taking them for future use.

As I have written before, coupons are kind of a disease. Some day I will have a six-figure income and no longer worry about stockpiling ill-gotten coupons. But until then, I need to save a buck anywhere I can, at least when it comes to Diet Pepsi.

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